An excellent telephony system for all your needs

Abraxas IP Telephone System is a scalable and affordable integrated telephony system, that offers a very wide spectrum of functionality and great reliability. Coupled with other Abraxas software, it offers a comprehensive solution for business communications, either intra-company or in customer contact centres.

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Abraxas IP Telephone System is a flexible and scalable system, ready to fulfill a wide range of business requirements.

Business telephony

Use it as a basis for your entire business telephony. It can replace your outdated, limited, costly old PBX. It can complement your existing PBX and act as an upgrade package, adding features to boost your business communications. If your old PBX does not scale to meet your requirements, you can use Abraxas PBX as an expansion package, to scale your telephony up to your requirements.


Abraxas PBX is a modular system, enabling you to tailor it, so it will perfectly fulfill your requirements. Switch off the features you don’t need, to reduce cost and free resources. Use it as a PBX at your branches. Use it as the telephony gateway for your call center. Boost your customer interaction with automated interactive features, such IVR (interactive voice response), voice mail and queue manager. Use it to conform to legal requirements, such as call recording. Use it to route your outgoing calls through the most cost-effective provider. Slash down the cost of your telephony hardware by connecting Abraxas Telephone System to Abraxas soft IP telephones.


Abraxas Telephone System connects to any existing telecommunication network, including analogue, ISDN PRI, ISDN BRI, Voice Over IP (VoIP) and Skype networks. If cost is critical, Abraxas PBX chooses the most cost effective VoIP provider, if reliability is critical, it maintains several tiers of failover lines. Abraxas PBX can connect to any network, so you can use the one, that is best suited to your business.


Abraxas IP Telephone System fits a company of any size. You can scale the system to have it fit your requirements and introduce a higher standard of reliability and efficiency to your company communications.


Abraxas Telephone System is based on standard interfaces, therefore you can have it integrated into your existing IT infrastructure, that handles your customer information. Most commonly it is integrated with a CRM system.

CRM integration allows for a high level of data retrieval automation, and allows your personnel to provide your customers with personalized service. Typically, on an incoming call, your agent is automatically presented with a window containing relevant customer information, such as contact history, purchase history, outstanding orders, outstanding payments, and any other information your agents need, in order to provide the highest quality personalized support or customer service.

Before answering the call, your agent can prepare a personalized response to customer inquiry, presenting the customer with products or services, they will most likely want to acquire.

Connectiong to a variety of networks and communication channels

  • Analogue, ISDN, IP and GSM networks
  • E-mail, Fax
  • SMS
  • Web
  • Skype, Google Talk and other VoIP-enabled networks
  • MSN, Google Chat, IRC and other chat networks


  • Connecting to existing telephony systems and devices of any brand
  • Integration with company IT infrastructure, such as CRM systems, ERP systems, banking systems etc.


  • Call transfer, hold, conferencing
  • Simple group dialing and simple conference starting
  • Call interception
  • Call delay and redirection
  • Forming a conference from connected calls

Quality control, customer service quality improvement, efficiency improvement

  • Reports including all calls (incoming, outgoing, returned, rejected, unanswered etc.)
  • Manual or automatic recording of incoming and outgoing telephone conversations
  • Recording overview including different parameters (call time, call duration, caller, callee, channel)
  • Recording and recordings archiving system
  • Recording playback
  • Remote recording overview
  • Listen-in and whisper
  • Alarms and reminders
  • Overview of status of calls being recorded
  • E-mailing of call recordings
  • Facilitates telephone polls, dial-in as well as dial-out


  • Event planning and event management
  • Setup of structured menus (Initial response, main menu etc.)
  • Voice mail
  • Numeric data and pre-defined phrase recognition
  • Intervention responder
  • E-mail notifications
  • SMS notifications
  • Interactive Voice Responder
  • Dialing (generting outgoing calls)
  • MS Outlook integration (dialing, address book synchronization, etc.)
  • Call accepting (for incoming calls)
  • Voice Mail
  • Redirecting incoming calls to queues
  • Pre-recorded message playback
  • Periodic message playback (for calls waiting in a queue)
  • Queue position message playback
  • Out of office message playback
  • Simple implementation of automatic telephone polling


  • Call statistics
  • Complete overview of incoming and outgoing calls
  • Cost overview
  • Cal recording overview by a set of parameters (call time, call duration, caller, callee, channel etc.)
  • Call recordings playback (on the device or through a client application)
  • Remote call recordings overview and playback

Security and reliability

  • Failover switches for PRI, BRI and analogue lines
  • Dual redundancy
  • RAID disk failure protection (RAID levels 1, 5, 10 and 50)
  • Data encryption (to prevent unauthorized playback)

Adaptability and scalability

  • A number of models are available, scaling from those, suitable for new buildings and large companies or call centers, to smaller ones
  • The L-Rack and L-Tower models cater to the most demanding customers
  • The M-Rack and M-Tower models for customers, who require high performance, but not many extensions and recording capacities, where availability isn’t as critical
  • The Model S for customers, who need a powerful, yet compact telephony system
  • Abraxas Telephone system is adapter upon request, so it fulfills any requirements the customers might have
  • The TopPhone application can be used without a physical telephone device, it requires merely a computer with a headset. Using a softphone is a great alternative to physical telephone devices in situations, where the volume of calls unexpectedly surges in the call center

On top of all standard features of a modern hybrid telephone switch – IP PBX contains the following specialised modules:

Interactive Voice Response

provides you with the ability to create a variety of automated responders. Read more…

Voice Recording, Listen-In and Whispering

provides partial or full conversation recording. Read more…

Contact Center

provides setting up any type of call center on any scale. Read more…


provides automatic and semi-automatic identification of the caller. Read more…

Omni Gateway

provides bridging of voice communications between diferent types of networks. Read more…

Skype Gateway

provides connectivity with the popular Skype network. Read more…


provides establishing high-quality wireless communication. Read more…


provides creation and delivery of automated alerts and reminders through SMS. Read more…

Top Phone

provides straightforward integration of existing business applications. Read more…

Power Dialer and Predictive Dialer

provides automated dialing. Read more…

Network FAX

provides dispatch and reception of fax messages in electronic form. Read more…

Speech Recognition

provides features for automated communication with even the most tech-unsavy. Read more…

Opti Route Cost & Skill & Enum Based Routing

provides advanced inbound and outbound call routing. Read more…

Click-To-Talk & Click-To-Chat

provides voice connection between website visitors and call center agents. Read more…

Tele Voting

provides telephone voting features. Read more…

Voice Conference

provides voice conferencing facilities. Read more…