provides connectivity of various types of voice communication networks to the Dialog platform, taking care of all the mesy techical details, such as transcoding, authentication, synchronization etc.

Omni Gateway supports the following voice technologies:

  • Analogue telephony
  • ISDN BRI in PRI telephony
  • GSM telephony
  • All significant VoIP protocols (SIP, Skype, Googletalk, MSN Voice, H323, AIX2)

Omni gateway supports hardware or software based voice transcoding.

Use it to seamlessly and transparently connect voice communication through all available networks. Use your office telephone to call Skype, use Googletalk to call GSM, use a SIP soft phone and talk to analogue telephones through your workstation’s headset. Connect dislocated offices through AIX2 and pay nothing for internal calls within your company, even if they span several continents. Pick up your office telephone and have a long, detailed conversation with your regional manager in Zimbabwe, safely in knowledge, that the cost of the call is $0.00.