Software development, customization and integration

Our software solutions are developed to fit our clients’ needs perfectly. We offer out-of-the-box solutions, as well as custom-designed software. Either way, the software can be customized to fulfill your specific requirements. All our solutions can be inherently localized to a varying degree, ranging from pure language localization, to honoring local legal, cultural and other requirements. Abraxas solutions are designed for interoperability, so they effortlessly integrate with other Abraxas solutions, as well as standards-compliant third party software. More

Business Intelligence Services

A modern company stores vast amounts of business data. A proper set of tools can turn this data into valuable information, based on which the company can develop successful business strategies, and harness its resources more efficiently. Use of business intelligence products and services from Abraxas can help any company make better business decisions, thus gaining a crucial competitive edge. More

Events and Conference IT Support …

Our comprehensive set of event and conference supporting products, along with our extensive expertise, makes organizing congresses and conferences a painless and straightforward task. Our products support a wide range of activities, such as keeping records about participants, participating organizations, partners, presentations, screenings and voting. Abraxas Voting is the newest in our collection of conference-supporting products, it facilitates all aspects of voting data manipulation, including vote collection, vote analysis and result reporting. More


IT consulting and business process consulting are very important parts of our activities.

We are willing and able to help our clients by sharing from our wealth of expertise and experience in IT and related business functions. A number of well satisfied long-term clients are a testament to the quality of our consulting. More