Developing, customization and integration of software

Our software solutions are developed to fit our clients’ needs perfectly. We offer out-of-the-box solutions, as well as custom-designed software. Either way, the software can be customized to fulfill your specific requirements. All our solutions can be inherently localized to a varying degree, ranging from pure language localization, to honoring local legal, cultural and other requirements. Abraxas solutions are designed for interoperability, so they effortlessly integrate with other Abraxas solutions, as well as standards-compliant third party software.

Abraxas software is multiplatform and database-agnostic, so it runs on the flavor of server and database you prefere. Solutions can run as client-server applications, or they can expose a web interface. Our commitment to interoprability and open standards guarantees your immunity to software traps, such as vendor lock-in.

User training

Our goal is to provide our users with the most convenient and efficient tools possible. In order for users to make the most of our tools, we organize presentations, courses and seminars, in which users get a general feature overview of the products they use, as well as hands-on skills required for using our products in the most efficient and productive way possible.

Support and maintenance

All our products are fully supported and maintained. Our support and maintenance package includes installation assistance, assistance in general use of our products, fully transparent defect tracking and prompt bug fixes. Our products also receive regular updates, either to incorporate technological advances, or to reflect our clients’ ever developing requirements.