Direct Sales / Abraxas CRM

An effective customer relationship management tool

At Abraxas we had designed an excellent customer relationship management tool. Existing customers using Abraxas CRM are achieving excellent business results.

Abraxas CRM is seamlessly integrated with telephony and other communication channels, which proved to be a unique and extremely valuable feature.

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It adapts to your requirements, it fits your business process.

Although most CRM solutions have a similar design, there are differences. It is extremely important, that the solution you use, is adapted to the specific set of requirements, based on your specific business model and your actual business processes.

Our consultants join forces with your experts, together they analyse your business process and carve out the optimal solution for your company.

Integration with communications

All interaction with your customers is recorded and maintained in a unified database, which turns out to be crucial for sales personnel, as well as business analytics. Abraxas CRM can create and maintain that database, because it is integrated with a communications platform, that incorporates every communications channel imaginable, from telephony, e-mail, SMS, chat, and any other means of communication your company might use for interacting with customers.

Tight integration with communications enables a high level of automation and personalization. For example, when a customer calls you, Abraxas CRM detects the customer, retrieves their information, and automatically presents your agent with a window containing all relevant customer information, from purchase history, communication history, outstanding orders, outstanding payments, and any other information your agents might require at that time.

Before your agents answer the call, they have the time and opportunity to prepare for interaction with the specific customer, and provide them with personalized offers or first-class personalized support.

Integration with information systems

Abraxas CRM is designed for interoperability, therefore it is easy to integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. For example, Abraxas CRM can be easily integrated with a core banking system. When a bank teller opens a customer card in Abraxas CRM, the CRM automatically retrieves data from the central database, quickly presenting the teller with information about the customer’s credit history, current financial position and latest transactions on the computer screen. This level of automation saves time, and more importantly, enables your staff to deliver high-quality personalized service to your customers.


Abraxas CRM is used in 25 countries all across Europe. It is currently available in Slovenian, Bulgarian, Russian, Polish, and Croatian language, but its inherent localization is so flexible, that supporting any other language is merely a matter of customer request.