IT consulting and business process consulting are very important parts of our activities.

We are willing and able to help our clients by sharing from our wealth of expertise and experience in IT and related business functions. A number of well satisfied long-term clients are a testament to the quality of our consulting.

Choosing the right solution

Identifying the right infrastructure, either hardware or software, is extremely difficult for companies, who lack technological insight, and do not have a comprehensive overview of the complex and dynamic technology landscape. In those situations, it is quicker and more cost-efficient to get help from somebody, who is intimately familiar with everything the technology market has to offer. We start with an analysis of existing IT infrastructure, then we factor in new requirements, design for scalability and extensibility to match the client’s strategic business development, and finally design a solution, that will not only fulfill the client’s current requirements, but will also cost-efficiently scale and extend, to facilitate future business developments.

Project recovery

When a project is way over due, if it has gone in a completely wrong direction, when it seems, that there will be no end to it, a team of Abraxas experts can help you get your project back on track, and accelerate it towards a successful completion.

  • We consult and help companies lacking internal IT specialists, who wish to optimize their information system.
  • We help branch offices establish efficient communication with their central office.
  • We help IT specialists in your company in specific fields, where they happen to lack expertise or experience.