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A tool for automated financial reporting

A solution for quick and automated production of financial reports, suitable for banks, financial institutions, and companies that produce a lot of financial reports.

Reports for central banks

Internal reports

Reports of bank branches to the central bank

Reports for clients

Reports for management of a company

Reports for inspectors and regulators

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Quicker production of reports due to automation

Our clients saved a lot of time, as the introduction of Reporting split the amount of time used for one report in half.

Automated process of completing a report replaced the manual production of reports and filling in forms in Excel. Possible supervision and verification of completed reports are the only manual aspects of work left.

Efficient schedule and automatic distribution of reports

You do not need to worry whether the reports will be completed in time and sent to the persons responsible.

Reporting has a schedule in which you determine when a certain task should be executed in the process of creating a report. It also has a built-in mechanism that executes a certain task only when all the requirements you determined are met.

Verification of reports

When you need to review and verify the completed reports before the persons responsible receive them, use the Validator. You can determine with it when the process of creating a report should stop and wait for your review and consent.

Automatic archiving

As well as other tasks, also the archiving of completed reports is automated. The reports are automatically stored in a certain place, usually in PDF format.

Export of reports to different formats

Many times you need the reports for further processing, import to other processing systems, or sending by different post systems.

Reporting has a function of exporting the reports to different file formats in which you can prepare the report for further processing in two easy steps.

The usual export formats are: PDF, TXT, CSV, XML, Excel and Word.


Since you also use classified information when creating a report, we wanted to secure your safety. Only authorized users can access the reports. Their rights to do a certain task are determined by the administrator.

Adapted to your specific needs

As well as other solutions, Reporting can also be adapted to suit the specific needs of your business.

Beside the standard, already built-in reports we can create new ones on request. We integrate Reporting with your current information system and connect it with your existing data sources.